A warning has been sounded to handlers of various national teams in Nigeria not to base their invitation of players to the team on the premise of colour or tribe

Coach Adeyemi who is one of the Club handlers in Switzerland stated this while featuring on a popular online sports interview program tagged Super Interview in one of the leading Whatsapp platforms In Nigeria,Sports World anchoring by Ibadan based journalist, Sunday Agunbiade .

The former Stationary Stores of Lagos forward who highlighted impetus needed in churning out good results said Football is a global phenomenon which transcends race, colour, tribe or language.

Reacting to one of the questions asked by the Director of Shooting Stars Football Academy, Coach Ayodeji Adeyemo Charles on the recent proliferation of national teams with foreign born athletes, FC New Delhi India and Sail FC Kloten attacking maestro said:

“Football does not even know or call for quota system. Football is all about who is the best on the pitch and that is why you see different colours playing the game. The only language the football knows is pass and play. That is the only language of football everywhere.

“Anytime we are talking about quota system, we are only dividing ourselves and we don’t need that. Best players can come from any part of the world, region or State, what is important is the results and success for the entire nation. If we stick to quota system mentality, we will lose our potentials and our players will nationalize themselves to other countries” UEFA B certificate holder noted.

Prior to his arrival in India, FC Dubendorf has never won Junior League U17 title for 45 years. Current Fc Gossau honour him the best Coach of the season in 2020/21 season and much earlier FC Dübendorf honour him the best Youth Coach 2015/16 season after winning the best Coca-Cola Junior League U 17, 2015/2016 with FC Dúbendirf. Won 1999 League cup with his Club India National FC New Delhi. They also made him the Captain of the team in 2nd half of d League in the year 1999.

He stayed much longer with FC Dubendorf from 2010-2016. He won so many titles and laurels with Gossau 2 Manachaft FC and different clubsides such as FC Winterthur Under 16( in the year 2019) spill over to year 2020. FC Ruti and Kloten Female Semi Professional Bundesliga.



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