Ahead of the second edition of the of Emmanuel Egbele Annual Scrabble Tournament (EEAST) winner of the maiden edition Dokun Esan said the tournament has earned him some fame and increased his popularity beyond the venue of the game.
The Osun State based player who overcame the challenges from over 80 players in Lekki last year, recalled  how he enjoyed some level of  popularity on claiming the overall pole position.
Esan who basked in his moments under the sun, praised the organisers for creating the atmosphere and media blitz that surrounded his act of conquest on the board, a rarity for a scrabble player.
He recalled with fondness as he captured the nostalgic feelings in his words with a smile on his face.
“The media coverage is superb! I became popular overnight!”He exclaimed.

He also remembered the classy Frontpage Couture apparel which also elevated his style as it added some fashion touch to his wardrobe.

 “The jacket and the shoes are so lovely.”

Speaking  on his expectations at the sophomore edition of the EEAST,  Esan admitted that competition is definitely going to be high considering the strategic planning and the change of venue from COWLSO Lekki to the prestigious Eko Hotel by the organisers.
” I hope to do well in the next edition. It is surely going to be more colorful considering the venue of tourney.”
“The EEAST is going to be highly competitive. It is very rare to win such competition twice but God is wonderful” he concluded on a philosophical note.
The “Sophomore Edition” begins this Friday as players begin their search for prizes, honour, glory and rating points at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.


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