Mindgames Scrabble Premier League title contender, Dynamite Warriors have concluded their  pre-season camping by handing down a shock defeat to the Anagrammers.

The D’ Warriors initiated a-four day camping exercise in order to refine the playing-power of their players ahead of the rigours of the MSPL 2022 season which begins next month.

The team comprising Adebowale Qamar, Tamunosiki Fubara, Adeniran Taiwo, Anthony Idorenyin

and Adedeji Khaleel with  Adeagbo Babatunde as substitute, the highly motivated side exerted some of their word-skills on their friendly-rivals, Anagrammers.

After 12 rounds, the “Dynamites” earned a surprised  7-5  victory with players’ total wins  of 33 in 60 games.

Adebowale Qamar recorded the best individual victory of 8 wins to underline their level of preparations for the season.

Newly-appointed  Team Manager Tayo Osibote while reflecting on their performance said the outcome would have a positive effect on them.

“The win has had a positive effect on the team.” she continued,  “Our spirit has been lifted and everyone in the team believe in themselves especially because we were nowhere near a win on paper. As everybody believed Anagrammers were going to ridicule us.”

The team had earlier acquired more valuable experience at the Lekki Scrabble Club Quarterly Retreat where their players encountered some of the best minds on the board.

Meanwhile, club proprietor Khaleel Adedeji has urged the players to sustain the level in their private time as he declared the Pelican Hotel camp closed.


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