A selection of students from a pool of 12,000 keen and eligible student athletes have been selected for sports scholarships by the FEED (Fund Educate Empower Develop) Sports Nigeria.

The selected students will be officially presented on July 27th at the Christ Cathedral Hall, Lagos Island.

This year, the selection of successful students will be put forward for sports scholarships with some of the best secondary schools in the country. So far, 7 students have been awarded Sports scholarships of 6 years full education in privileged learning. This year, 10 more spaces have been allocated to FEED Sports.

Established in 2017 FEED (Fund Educate Empower Develop) Sports Nigeria established to sponsor the education of talented athletes from marginalised communities making quality education accessible regardless of status, gender or religion. In line with 8 of the SDGs United Nation goals the FEED platform has been empowering thousands of children, unlocking opportunities and rehabilitating communities.

Data reveals Nigeria has the one of the highest rates of students out of school and structured learning. Sports is the most valuable attribute of education outside of the classroom. It is an equaliser that builds skills, teamwork and boundless opportunities.
“The son if no-one can truly become someone with their God given talents”.

Funding, support and infrastructure are essential in making the dreams of millions of children come true. “We are taking it one step at a time says Rachael O. Samuel the Executive Chair of FEED Sports Nigeria an arm of the Nigerian Fencing Federation.

This first grassroot community competition will be the first of many. The students have been training for several months building their knowledge and skill. Many more opportunities will be made available to them from Sports with an education by corporate sponsorships and the goodwill of our citizens


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