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Stay Off Illegal Higher Institution Football League (HiFL), Organiser Warns Universities, Others

Green White Green Sports Centre Ltd (GWG) has warned all the Universities and other high institutions and corporate bodies partaken in the illegal Higher Institution Football League (HiFL) being planned by impostors. Secretary, HISL/HIFL Supreme Management Committee, Babatunde Adejuwon, in a press statement, said Higher Institution Sports League (HISL) and Higher Institution Football League (HIFL) trademarks belong to GWG and threatened to take illegal action against one impersonating the GWG. “Our attention has been drawn to ‘HiFL PRE-LEAGUE QUALIFIERS FIXTURES’ that are in circulation on the social media platform. “We wish to state categorically that GWG who is rightfully owner of HISL/HIFL trademark is yet to come up with its aggregate sports programmes for all Higher Education Institutions — in a way that suits developmental needs of combining sports with education. “We therefore warned unsuspected public, universities and other tertiary institutions in the country as well as corporate organisitions from patronising illegal HiFL league by impostors “Please note that our legal team is also taking the necessary actions to unmask the impostors. “GWG acquired HISL/HIFL under the Trade Marks Act (CAP 436 Laws Of The Federation of Nigeria 1990; section 22 (3) Regulation 65) and registered in Class 41 Under No 110975 as of the date 21th November, 2018 In respect of Education: providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

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