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Oboh Hopeful On S.A. Women’s Masters Despite Dimension Data Setback

Georgia Oboh who came into Dimensions Data with great form was hugely disappointed by her results and missing the cut by 4 shots.
Georgia who opened her campaign with 82 due to two treacherous holes where she took a 7 on the par 4 hole 12 and another 7 on the range par 3 hole 17 due to bunker woes.
She  resolved her bunker issues by working on some technical drills to correct the errors made in her sand play and on day two she largely recovered by shooting a 75 but just fell short of the cut by 3 shots 
She therefore finished 47th position overall.
She moves on now to the 4th tournament of the season at the South African women’s masters at the San Lameer golf club just outside Durban in South Africa.
Georgia is still the only Nigerian female professional in the field at the South African women’s masters and is still creating history on this stage at just  17.
She turns 18 next week and perhaps she will give herself a nice birthday present with a good finish at the masters.

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