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Family Platform

Researchers from Brigham Young University's School of Family Life have concluded that favouritism is in fact in the eye of the beholder. Essentially, if a younger sibling feels like they’re the favourite and their parents agree, the parent-child relationship is strengthened. If they don’t think they’re the favourite, the opposite happens.For older siblings, whether they’re considered to be the favourite or not has less of an effect on their relationship with their parents.The researchers believe this is due to social comparison, with younger siblings placing more emphasis on comparing themselves to their older siblings.“It’s not that first-borns don't ever think about their siblings and themselves in reference to them,” says BYU School of Family Life assistant professor Alex Jensen. “It’s just not as active of a part of their daily life. 

About Us

Family platform is a program that covers major areas where the family draws its strength: Health, Music, Marriage, Fashion, Education & lots more. It is presented in a refreshingly different style. It is targeted at the entire family. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and enjoy the show.


  1. News Train and Odd News Tit Bits : Round-up of top entertainment/general interest news of the week, delivered in a breezy and professional style with good background music.
  2. Insight : This segment features interesting discussion/interview with experts/personanjoy thlities on issues of general family interest. Issues like health, entertainment, education, success habit, marriage etc are discussed for viewers' delight in an informative and entertaining way!
  3. Wellness Tips : Here, the entire family gets tips on general family wellness. It is conceptualized to help family develop healthy living
  4. Quote of the Day/Sayings of the wise : Here we feature quotes and proverbs, a way of imbibing moral values, social etiquettes into members of the family for the purpose of personal development.
  5. Intimate Zone : This is vox pop; gathering people's opinions on topical issues.


Question of the day:.

Who do you love more, your father or your mother ?


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